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Foodstuffs Precision Media, powered by dunnhumby, is Foodstuffs’ new retail media network. We provide media and advertising services for our supplier and agency partners, on behalf of the Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island co-operatives.

We’re developing Aotearoa’s largest data science-led retail media network, in partnership with dunnhumby. Together, we work with you and always put the customer first.

Fuelled by the insights generated by over 200m annual transactions and 2m+ direct digital customer relationships, Foodstuffs Precision Media enables consumer packaged goods brands to understand and connect with their customers like never before.

No one is better positioned to help you grow.
  • Our data insights mean we can help you plan effective and personalised campaigns, ensuring reduced media wastage and a better ROI.
  • Our multi-channel approach gives you the opportunity to reach customers across the entire customer journey.
  • And we offer a closed loop measurement based on customer behaviour and sales so you can see the impact of every dollar you spend to optimise future activity. 

Our ability to report on advertising exposure and customer behaviour across online and offline touchpoints allows us to help you improve product, marketing, and commercial decisions and understand the true impact of your investment.

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About Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs is one of New Zealand’s leading grocery retailers, serving more than half a million customers every day across a multi-banner network of 400+ stores. Local grocers own and operate every one of our stores, and are committed to delivering what’s right for their customers and communities. And, while each grocer is local, we also have huge scale that allows us to deliver awesome experiences for our customers everyday.

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Our partnership with dunnhumby

dunnhumby, our retail media partner, is the world’s leading customer data science company. They turn complex science into actionable strategies and have delivered science to many of the world’s leading retailers and suppliers in over 25 countries, for more than three decades. Customer Data Science is at the core of everything dunnhumby does. dunnhumby’s approach helps retailers and their supplier partners activate against customer behaviour in a truly meaningful way to transform business strategies and drive results. From planning campaigns and curating shopping experiences to analysing the impact of retail actions, dunnhumby combines unrivalled experience with the latest scientific techniques to stay at the forefront of our industry. 

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